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Will the bitcoin stock market fall into the property market?
Source:      Date:2018-02-07
In February 5th, the price of digital currency bitcoin fell again. By 03:46 (16:46 Beijing time), the spot price of the Bitfinex stock exchange was $7800, the lowest level since November 19th. This is also the first time that bitcoin fell 8000 dollars for the first time since last November.
Statistics show that over the past week, the price of bitcoin will drop more than 30%, even if the regulatory policy will tighten up, and whether the digital currency will seriously affect the news of bitcoin and other news.
It's not finished yet.

Nouriel Robini, known as "doomsday", was famous for his accurate prediction of the 2008 financial crisis in a year and a half earlier.
For the recent slump in bitcoin, he added that bitcoin is "the root of all bubbles". We believe that the recent sharp fall of bitcoin is the beginning of the crash, and the value of this digital currency will go all the way to zero.
Monday's plunge is not only about bitcoins, but also global stock markets.
First, the most declines.
On Monday, the U.S. stock market reappeared "a historic plunge," according to the finance news agency. The Dow index and the S & P 500 index fell more than 4%. The decline in the index was more than 1500 points, closing 1175 points, the largest single day closing point, or 4.6%, the largest in August 2011. The S & P 500 index fell 4.1%, the NASDAQ fell 3.78%.
Since February, the US stock market has not been too flat, and the Dow has fallen more than 2000 points, and the optimism for the past two months has been hit back in almost a few days.
Market analysis suggests that the reason for the change in us wind direction is inflation warming, bond yields soaring, and the Federal Reserve's expectation of more aggressive monetary policy this year.
It was interesting that the new chairman of the Federal Reserve, Powell, was officially unveiled on the day. The market is for the Fed's new head of a real blow, Powell seems the road ahead smoothly.
European stocks also fell sharply on Monday. Pan European Storck 600 index fell 1.6%, to close at 382 points, the highest since last year, the lowest closing level since November 15th. In other major European countries in the stock market, the FTSE 100 index fell 1.46%, at 7334.98 points; the French CAC40 index fell 1.48%, at 5285.83 points; the German DAX index fell 0.76%, at 12687.49 points.
Asia Pacific on Monday, Japan and South Korea stock market closed down the whole line, following Friday's U.S. stocks fell, the Nikkei 225 index since November 2016, the biggest one-day decline. The Nikkei 225 index fell 2.55%, to 22682.08. The South Korean composite index fell 1.33%, at 2491.75. Hongkong's Hang Seng Index closed down 1.09% at 32245.22 points, the index fell 0.43% students, the red chip index fell 0.72%.

The downside of the global stock market has also raised concerns about A shares.
Although some domestic private institutions are still optimistic about the impact of the A share market, we believe that the US and European stock market crash has limited impact on the A share market, but the A share market is not doing well in the near future.
Shanghai Stock Index daily line map
The Shenzhen Composite Index daily chart
The Shanghai Shanghai index has been in the downlink range since it created a recent high of 3587.03 in January 29th. The Shenzhen Composite Index earlier began to rain fell from January 25th onwards.
When there is downward pressure on the stock market, besides caring about the subsequent development of A shares, another topic that many people worry about is whether the capital flowing out of the stock market will turn to the real estate market as another main field of capital inflow.
On the relationship between the stock market and property market influence each other, it is difficult to have a fixed statement, sometimes it is like a dream of Red Mansions "in Jia Wang Shixue four people, rising a prosperity, or sometimes it is harmed implicate each other; the shift, though not seesaw like ups and downs, but also a clear distinction.
This year the real estate market, the real estate enterprises is certainly very sad year for the past thirty years, a long period of rise in the policy role of booster, experienced last 2016, 2017 high, has completely ended.
In January 26th this year, always sing Ren Zhiqiang made a speech at the fifteenth session of the China estate billboard, but directly said that three "drop": real estate investment in 2018 will decline, the growth rate of decline rate may be decreased; real estate development area will decline; finally, prices decline in the city will be more and more.
Why do you say more and more? Because of the price reduction in some cities, even the first line cities have been reflected.

Property market.Jpga

Last month, the National Bureau of Statistics announced a series of marketing data on the real estate market in 2017 12, which referred to:
Among the 15 hot cities, the prices of newly built commercial housing in 4 cities were declining, and 3 cities in Beijing, Hangzhou and Hefei were flat. From the year-on-year perspective, the price of newly built commercial housing in 9 cities such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Wuxi, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei, Fuzhou, Zhengzhou and Chengdu has been lower than that of a year ago.
Unchanged, down, capital prices in multi peg finally drop. House prices in Shenzhen are also below the level of a year ago. In the north and the north, half of the four big cities have changed.
Of the 15 hot cities, the price of new commercial housing in 9 cities is lower than a year ago, accounting for 60%.
Housing Enterprise days are sad, the common people (53.350, -2.44, -4.37%) is not necessarily the case. When the stock market is sluggish, it is the idea of a lot of people to take out the money first and buy a house at a low level. After all, then two investment channels, not all blocked in front of the bank.
However, there is a risk in all investment. But when prices fall, what is the end, as the stock fell, what time is the bottom no one would like to bet. Want to sell stock speculation of the students
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