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China's Pingan block chain program "one account chain" covers trading over 12 trillion
Source:      Date:2018-02-07
In February 6th, China's Pingan banner science and technology company "finance one account" officially launched the block chain breakthrough solution - one account chain. It is reported that the scheme with the world's first encrypted information can be authorized to decrypt sharing technology, which can support the national secret algorithm key remote rapid deployment; can not only reduce the small and medium-sized banks and financial institutions to obtain high performance blockchain bottom design service cost, also created a transparent and efficient regulatory environment for the supervision department.

Data show that as of now, the financial account through a block chain has covered the turnover of over 12 trillion yuan, financial institutions registered more than 800, a business bank financing platform access of small and medium-sized enterprises node number nearly 17000; and Ping An Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Jincheng bank, Shandong Kerui group, Redstar, car home, the singularity of gold clothing, eternal Asia ten agencies reached a cooperation agreement, and formally signed a letter of intent.

One ledger chain breaks through the three major problems of "efficiency, security and management"

"Efficiency is the key factor in assessing the performance of block chain, so it is also a common pain point in the area of block chain technology." Huang Yuxiang, a financial account with CTO and COO, said that the ledger chain creatively put forward the FiMAX Core high performance base, which not only successfully raised the key performance indicators of the block chain by over 200%, but also became a powerful competitor of the international standard framework.

In addition, in the aspect of safety, one carrying chain FiMAX Sparrow privacy Middleware in the zero knowledge base, authorization encryption, stealth search, identity confusion mechanism in four aspects to achieve a breakthrough, becoming the world's very few middleware privacy protection can provide a variety of zero knowledge proof protocol and satisfy various different service scenarios.

"Difficult application deployment and difficult management" is also a major problem that restricts the development of block chain. To solve this problem, the one account chain FiMAXConcord platform not only realizes the fast one key deployment in different places, but also meets the user's personalized needs.

Floor 12 covers more than 12 trillion transactions

According to the company, the financial one account has been explored in 12 related scenes and fields. At the landing level, the ledger chain platform has been put into use in many aspects, such as blacklist sharing, supply chain finance, financial institutions accounting, small and micro enterprise loan platform, asset platform and so on.

Data show that, as of now, the financial one account block chain has covered more than 12 trillion yuan trading volume and more than 800 registered financial institutions, and the number of one enterprise financial access platform to SMEs is nearly 17000. In addition, Ping An Group has published 57 patents in the area of block chain.

It is reported that the financial one account can also provide "one account chain sandbox products" to allow users to experience all the functions of the one account chain free of charge. It includes five kinds of interfaces, such as management class, basic data operation, encrypted data operation, statistics class, asset trading class and so on.

China Ping An opens a split public listing

In recent years, in the process of "Finance + Internet", China's Ping An has played a more and more important role in the incubator.

Prior to that, Ping An health healthcare technology Co., Ltd. of Ping An, China (hereinafter referred to as "Ping An Hao doctor") formally submitted the listing application to HKEx, which is also seen as a prelude to the opening of the financial technology subsidiary of Ping An.

Hongkong Economic Daily reported, China peace plan in the year to spin off its four subsidiaries listed in Hongkong, raising HK $62 billion 400 million; the four companies were Lu Jin, Ping, a doctor and financial account through safe medical and health management, the total valuation of up to HK $634 billion 100 million. Lu Jin and the doctor will ping listing this month at the end of the former target market the fastest in March, which intends to second quarter listing. Followed by the financial one account and health care management, the plan will be listed in the first half of the year.

The media also pointed out that the soft silver generals invested at least three companies, involving HK $18 billion.
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